UPDATE AUGUST 23:  A report coming from a caregiver online suggests that this procedure may not be as easy as initially thought.  Apparently a caregiver with implied status has to wait till their OHIP expires, apply to renew, wait for the rejection and then file an appeal.  More hoops to go through in order to take advantage of health care they are entitled to as a temporary foreign workers.

Yesterday, Toronto immigration lawyer Rafael Fabregas tipped us off, via his Twitter @rafael_fabregas, that not only can foreign caregivers in Toronto maintain OHIP while on implied status when their work permit has expired, but it is not exactly new, just not commonly known.

For the last few years, and especially since the ballooning of caregiver Permanent Residence processing times, we have met no less than one caregiver per day at our office who has no OHIP coverage due to being denied renewal as their permit is expired.  However, these caregivers have implied status with their last employer on record and are just caught in the waiting period for the open permits.