About is a blog brought to you by Toronto based agency Execu-Nannies Inc.

Execu-Nannies is operating in its 23rd year of business assisting families and nannies connect, while strictly following the government standards and maintaining ethical practices within the industry.  This blog was created out of necessity to educate the community on what’s right and wrong with the current system.

Whether you are a nanny looking for more information on how to protect your rights in Canada or you’re a family looking to do the utmost to act as law abiding employers, stay tuned to our blog for the latest information from Citizenship and Immigration, Service Canada and other related offices.

Writing for will be Execu-Nannies business manager Ian Minton and owner/operator Sharon Taylor.

Sharon Taylor is a a Certified Human Resources Professional, owner of Execu-Nannies Inc. and a proud mother of three.  Sharon started this business in 1988 after approaching the daunting task of sourcing, interviewing and referencing checking nannies to hire for her family.  Being an expert on hiring and managing personnel gave her a leg up on other families looking for nannies, but she still found that there was a serious lack of professional services for executive families in need of home care.  2 decades later, with thousands of happy clients and candidates,  Sharon is still thrilled to be involved in such a process that allows her to really get to know Canadian families and their needs while providing them with an invaluable service at vulnerable times.

Ian Minton is a proud graduate with honours of the Seneca College Immigration Practitioner program, currently working on his certification in the industry.  Having worked with Execu-Nannies for the past 10 years has provided him with a wealth of knowledge on the industry .  In fact, he’s been around the agency since its inception as he is also Sharon’s son.

Together, this mother and son duo run one of the most successful services in Toronto because they know about family challenges and dynamics, and they listen carefully to their clients.

We hope you enjoy the literature and commentary this blog provides and look forward to all of your comments, questions and, yes, even criticism!