Lately, we have been receiving an abundance of hits via a site called where an angry group of Live In Caregivers have been using their discussion forums to compare processing times. Unsurprisingly, many are irate with the increases and now there is talk of mobilizing to create a protest and strike across Canada.

While we don’t think a strike from work is feasible as many would jeopardize jobs, we think that protests are completely in order because of the lies told to these caregivers when they supported the Conservative Party’s Jason Kenney.

LCPcaregver writes “..does it not piss you off that all the fake politicians promised the filipino caregiver groups the moon and now after the election it is all forgotten and actually getting worse?”

Cebu Gal accurately describes caregiver struggles:

I think a protest is an excellent idea to be heard.  To me, the live in caregiver program is a total mess on different levels.

1.) Long processing times for caregivers for open work permits and PR
2.) I know several caregivers who are still having a 2nd medical in Canada before applying for PR
3.) Very hard to find employers with the current road blocks. While it may sound good for caregivers to pay 0 , it is not realistic I think….. My husband’s friend has a sister in SE Ontario who says that the employers are ” missing” and everybody wants to hire a local nanny.
4.) Processing times for local caregivers are taking up to four months, how can a nanny not legally work for 4 months.
5.) Problems with prov. health insurance in many provinces
6.) If you sponsor your family and one of them is sick, the caregiver won’t qualify for PR.

I doubt that the Government will kill the LCP but I have heard a few times that they may switch caregivers over to a regular 4 years like other temporary workers.

Laranel comments “i don’t know know why is it so hard for them to issue a work permit for us, what all i am asking is a work permit so i can work legally…there are very few employer who are willing to sponsor and to pay extra to hire a nanny….”

Please note that Laranel is already authorized to work in Canada!

Now we are seeing a group called Nannies On Strike on Facebook and various Twitter accounts such as CaregiversTakeAction popping up calling for a demonstration in major cities in late September. Lawyer Rafael Fabregas is holding a talk at a Thornhill church to talk with caregivers and it sounds like many in the GTA will attend to voice their concerns.

Our question is why is Jason Kenney not listening? This is starting to get ugly and the Immigration Minister would benefit by talking again with caregiver groups and the Association of Nanny and Caregiver Agencies to discover how caregivers are still suffering and how agencies and families are trying to cope with this dissatisfaction.

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